Wednesday, 18 February 2015

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I can't think of anything better, especially mid week, than getting delicious treats delivered straight to your door. Although Lent may be starting today, everyone's got to treat themselves every once in a while and Taffy Mail is the perfect way to do that. Treats of any kind would be pretty good, but on top of not even having to leave the house to get a sugar fix, these taste sensations come all the way from across the pond in America.

Among many other things, you can't deny the USA is famous for its sweet tooth and that is why they deliver some of the tastiest choices in the world, most of which you can get through Taffy Mail. The way it works is like most subscription boxes, you sign up and pay a one off monthly fee and you will receive a box straight to wherever you want and with the chance to cancel at anytime it's worth trying.

My favourites in this box were, the Nerds 'Rope', the Dove 'Cookies&Cream', the Hersheys 'Whatchamacallit' and the Abba-Zaba, they were SO good. I'm much more of a chocolate girl than sweets or candy but that Nerd Rope was amazing, I'm also a huge peanut butter fan, so it was amazing that half of this box contained just that, I'm sure I just got lucky as the treats are changed and chosen every month so this was just a good coincidence, but that's part of the fun you never know what you're going to get. My least favourite this box, the Root Beer. I've always wanted to try is and the smell alone transported my right across the atlantic but it definitely just isn't for me.

Have you tried American candy before? Would you sign up for something like this?

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